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Welcome to the website for the Bozeman Community Teaching Center, the local branch of The Summit Lighthouse® and Church Universal & Triumphant®.

The purpose of The Summit Lighthouse® is to provide a place for seekers, no matter their religious affiliation, to study the Teachings of the Ascended Masters as revealed through their messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. We are a multi-denominational religious, spiritual, and philosophical organization, and we welcome all.


The Bozeman Community Teaching Center is affiliated with The Summit Lighthouse®, which is headquartered in Corwin Springs, Montana. For over fifty years, the mission of The Summit Lighthouse has been to assist spiritual seekers to find their way back home to God. There are Study Groups and Teaching Centers throughout the world.

The Summit Lighthouse of Bozeman® (The Bozeman Community Teaching Center) is a warm, friendly gathering place for fellow seekers of the Truth. We offer public services, outreach events, book study groups, and community functions throughout the year.

Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Founders of The Summit Lighthouse

For more information about The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal & Triumphant, please visit their official website.

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