Bozeman Broadcasts a Video Retreat Worldwide – A First Of Its Kind


Welcome to our Photo Blog of the Joy in the Violet Flame Retreat!
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Altar on Sunday Stream
“Joy in the Violet Flame” Retreat at the Bozeman TC

In a pioneering move, the Bozeman Community Teaching Center presented an outreach/inreach event, Joy in the Violet Flame, a retreat for community members and for those new to the teachings. The retreat, which was broadcast around the world on June 3rd-5th from Amethyst Chapel, was live on video to a worldwide audience, the first of its kind for The Summit Lighthouse®.

There were attendees from around the United States, including the following Teaching Centers: Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and Toronto. In addition, the following countries were represented: Australia, Canada, France, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, and Sweden.

Below are photo highlights of the retreat, as well as a message from our TSL/CUT President, Reverend Valerie McBride.

The Sunday Streams Broadcast Site

The site as viewed by online viewers
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Rev. Carla Healy Facilitating a Discussion
Rev. Carla Healy Facilitating a Discussion
Sunday Streams
An Attendee Participating in Open Discussion

The Small Altar

A specialized altar to reflect the focus of the weekend’s retreat.

Violet Flame Yoga Slideshow

with Yoga Instructors Yana and Juan 
Yoga to expand the light in each of our seven chakras.


Retreat Photo Gallery

Retreat Venue and Moments

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Unclogging Your Cells with the Violet Flame
A video excerpt with Colleen Messina

Joy in the Violet Flame Excerpt by BozemanTeachingCenter

Violet Flame Miracle Pouches

At the Joy in the Violet Flame Retreat, participants who were present on the last day of the retreat received violet flame pouches as a momento of the miracle pouch given to us all by Saint Germain.

Each pouch contained 5 amethyst stones and wallet card. The pouches were at the altar all weekend, receiving the light of the masters.
Each pouch contained amethyst stones and a wallet card. The pouches were on the altar all weekend, receiving the light of the masters.

And so I give to you a pouch, a purse of miracle joy. It is yours to take. It is yours to enjoy. This great miracle sense, this sphere of love that I hurl, is for you to carry and to take out of your briefcase or whatever it is that you carry for the most precious of your treasures from day to day.

For here and there, when you come upon those situations that only the miracle alchemy of Saint Germain will dissolve, then you can take out this precious miracle light. It is an energy from my heart. It is a dispensation from the Lords of Karma, given to me because of my chelas in the earth, chelas of great worth, whom I hold dear, who have made Camelot a reality…. ~ Saint Germain, January 1, 1979 (Vol. 59 No. 1)


A Message from our TSL President, Valerie McBride

v-mcbride-featureThe Summit Lighthouse

Hi Retreat Members,

What better way to spend a weekend but by immersing oneself with the violet flame and all of its liberating qualities as you all did this weekend! God bless each of you for partaking in our first retreat of this kind and the beginning of many more to come throughout the world!

The Violet Flame Retreat is the first retreat of its kind as part of a massive marketing campaign to saturate the world with the Violet Flame. We wish to partner with other groups to continue to do these retreats and encourage you to give this extraordinary gift of the violet flame in shortened segments and easily assimilatable outreach presentations.

The 30-day violet flame challenge and website is part of a partnership with Region 5 in Texas that can be used in groups, online or in-person anywhere. All of the program options ad components will be utilized to support and promote the upcoming Violet Flame book to be released in September. Entitled “Violet Flame, Alchemy for Personal and World Change.”

Violet Flame BookOnce seekers signup for the 30-day violet flame challenge on the website, they now have a choice of doing either the challenge or the vigil. The challenge includes 30 personalized daily e-mails with inspirational messages, quotes and free download links, online chat function, CD with complete VF matrix, brochure, bookmarks, business cards, wrist bands, screen savers and Facebook group. If the seeker signs up for the vigil, then he will receive 8 personalized emails, a digital brochure, free download links, interactive participants map and also the Facebook group.

This violet flame campaign is simply organized and is a means of having a personal, first hand experience with the violet flame to produce and sustain personal change with the expectation that the culmination of the violet flame will lead to a desire for deeper connection with TSL and greater association including the Keepers of the Flame® Fraternity, Pearls subscription, the Sacred Adventure I and II series of classes, online groups, newsletters, broadcasts and violet flame retreats given in your cities.

heavenly-pearls-150This campaign can be further promoted in your local whole-life expos and healthy living expos throughout the United States or in numerous fairs where you may set up a violet flame booth, display campaign materials and promote the 30-day violet flame challenge to people. Shareable on-line content including the recently released “Heavenly Pearls for the Soul” are available for your immediate sharing on your Facebooks along with this marketing material.

We look forward to a joint-participation with our groups in promoting the one thing we know best: the Violet Flame! So, after having been recharged with this weekend retreat, now give it to a world in any way you can easily do!

Thank you retreat coordinators in Bozeman for making the Violet Flame Retreat happen, as well as our staff members, Carla Healy and Bridget Hansard and others.


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