Teen Program

The Bozeman Community Teaching Center has had a dynamic program for teens since 2007. The teen program supports parents in their role of nurturing their children on the path of personal Christhood. The youth group also provides teens a safe, fun way to connect with other youth in the community and gives them opportunities to serve in various ways.

The primary focus for youth of this age is to apply the Teachings in everyday life through a path that helps them gain self-mastery. Community service is an important way for teens to do this. One project that they initiated was to convert the Teaching Center car port into an attractive teen room. This project involved hours of labor by the teens and their parents, and it did provide a great opportunity for mastery in many ways! The effort was well worth it since this room now provides a multi-functional space for a wide variety of Teaching Center activities.


Our service extended to international projects as well! In 2008, the teens decided they wanted to serve in a community in Mexico. After several months of planning and fundraising activities, the youth and their mentors journeyed to Guaymas, Mexico for one week. From painting the exterior of a community center to playing with children at an orphanage, to helping at a soup kitchen, the enthusiastic teens served joyfully with their hearts, heads, and hands.


Spiritual service is also part of the youth group activities. The teens planned and participated in Youth Vigils and Saint Germain services including broadcast events, as well as in decree leader training workshops. The goal of this aspect of the youth group is to help teens find that personal connection with the Science of the Spoken Word at the right level for them.

FUN is always a key factor in activities for teens. In autumn, the teens enjoyed skillfully navigating the hay bale maze and then helping the adult mentors find their way out. During the winter, rock climbing at Spire was a favorite sport. In the spring, outdoor games like folfing and tag were at the top of the list.

playing twister

Working with teens is a joyful way to help the community and a blessing for all involved. We are now looking for new adult volunteers and parents to run the program for the upcoming generation of teens. We have experienced mentors who are willing to get you started and be advisors. Contact us, if you are interested.

teen program rock climber

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