Community Building

The following are programs designed to nurture our community
of the Holy Spirit here in Bozeman.

Community [is] more important than the messenger. I truly believe that…I see community as the most precious thing in the world…There can be no guru-chela relationship without community.
~ Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Messenger for the Ascended Masters

Open Arms – Our Open Arms program focuses on welcoming with open arms people new to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters or newly arrived Keepers of the Flame to our community. Newcomers receive a phone call, a personal gift, or a welcome letter—all for letting them know that we value their presence and appreciate their coming into our community. Know someone new to our teaching center, or perhaps you are new? Contact

Circle of Friends
Let’s stay connected! We developed our ‘Circle of Friends’ program during the Covid-19 lockdown to enable community members to keep in touch with each other. Nurturing our community is important to us; it is how we stay connected and how each member feels a sense of belonging.

We have designated ‘Heart Friends’ to call three or more ‘Heart Buddies.’ Heart Buddies are known members of our teaching center. Heart Friends contact Heart Buddies by telephone to ensure that they are okay during these challenging times. This heart-to-heart contact maintains strong connections as a community. If you are interested in being a Heart Friend or want to chat with someone, please contact

We Gather Together
– The Bozeman Community Teaching Center values relationships. Using Zoom, or in-person gatherings, we get together to share our story, talk about our joys and perhaps our burdens, all with the attempt and desire to be more closely connected as a community. It’s an opportunity to listen – and share – and learn – to let our defenses go – so we can indeed be more of a community of the Holy Spirit. For more information or to offer community building ideas, contact