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Reading Help & Enrichment for ages 3-7 years

Offered by the Bozeman Community Teaching Center as a Community Service Initiative


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Do you want your child to have effective, age appropriate early reading instruction?

Will your child benefit from extra help with the fundamentals of alphabet knowledge and decoding?

Do you want your child to accelerate into early reading mastery?

This free early reading program may be
a perfect fit for your child.


Early Reading Program Presented by Randall Klein

Randall Klein is an early reading specialist with expertise in teaching children ages 3-7 years how to read. Randall has worked with hundreds of beginning and struggling readers and also coaches classroom teachers and reading specialists from around the world on developmentally appropriate reading instruction. 
This is how he will work with your child or with a family you know:
  1. Randall will conduct a Zoom call with the student and parent during which he plays a few simple games to assess the reading or reading-readiness level of the child. This will determine what reading games are appropriate for that child.
  2. We will then loan hands-on Montessori-based games and activities to families that are in the Bozeman, Livingston, Emigrant or Corwin Springs areas. These materials provide the child valuable practice and repetition in the areas of literacy he needs to progress along the road of early reading mastery.
  3. For families in other states or countries, we will provide free PDF downloads of the appropriate games.
  4. Follow-up Zoom meetings are scheduled every 3-4 weeks so Randall can continue to assess the child’s progress and provide new games as appropriate.
  5. The work the child does in the home independently or with the help of the parent or grandparent launches him into the strong alphabet knowledge, increased phonics skills and proficient decoding needed for early reading mastery. 

The service is provided without charge.

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Contact Randall at earlyreading@bozemantc.org for more information about this community service program.