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Yes, We Have 7 New Outreach Programs!

In our latest Bozeman Board Bulletin, we gave a description of our exciting new programs. To read a description of each of the new programs, you can click here. (The descriptions will open in a new tab or window.)

For Our New Outreach Programs, we want to precipitate…

All of our exciting new outreach programs will be held in the recently renovated Welcome Center. However, to facilitate these programs, we are in need of the finances to make a few purchases. That’s where you can help!

1- CHURCH CHAIRS – We want our guests to be comfortable, right? Therefore, we want to purchase 20 church chairs for the Welcome Center, much like the cushy chairs in our main chapel. (Currently, the Outreach Team have been carrying the chairs from the chapel to the Welcome Center. 🙁 )

The church chairs cost approximately $35 each, about $700 total.

2- AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT – To run the new outreach programs in the Welcome Center we are in need of audio visual equipment. At some point, we even plan to broadcast from there. For this, we need specialized equipment. (Presently, the presenters are bringing their own computer and speakers to the TC, and the TV is on a stand which is not easy to see. We’re planning to mount it.)

The AV equipment will cost approximately $3000.

3- PING PONG TABLE SET – The teens (and the young at heart) would benefit from a new indoor/outdoor ping pong table set. (This new set will replace the table, that much to the teens’ chagrin, got broken this past year.)

A good quality indoor/outdoor ping pong table set costs about $900.


Here Are Your Opportunities to Make a Difference
Choose What’s Best For You!

Please go to your heart…and your wallet…and see what you can do to help us to promote the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and to make our teens and our community very happy. 🙂 

Story of the Widow’s Mite (From Mark 12:41) – Jesus was observing how people were donating to the treasury. Rich people were putting in large sums of money. A poor widow came. All she could afford to donate was two bronze ‘mites’, the lease valuable coins which were worth only a few cents. Calling his disciples to himself, Jesus said to them, ‘….this poor widow put in more than all the other contributors to the treasury. For they have all contributed from their surplus wealth, but she, from her poverty, has contributed all she had, her whole livelihood.’

There are Three Levels of Giving – Can we count on you?


Seat a New Person! Support BCTC Outreach! Be a Star Outreach Donor!

Level 1 – Buy a Seat for a New Person! – $35 per chair*

Level 2 – Support Bozeman Outreach! – $100 increments 

Level 3 – Be a Star Outreach Donor! – $1000 or more

Levels 2 and 3
are initially for supporting the purchase of AV equipment for our outreach classes in the new Welcome Center, and secondly, for the purchase of the ping pong table set for our teens.

*If we reach the $700 for the purchase of the 20 new church chairs for the Welcome Center, your donation will be used for our other outreach needs. 

Your donations are tax deductible. 


'Count me in!' - Outreach Fundraiser Participation


'My Contribution'

  • * If we reach the required money for the 20 chairs, your donation will be used for our other "outreach" needs at the TC.

Additional Information

  • The Bozeman Community Teaching Center is a 501c3 organization. PO Box 276, Bozeman, MT, 59771. Dba Bozeman Community Teaching Center is an affiliate of Church Universal & Triumphant, Inc., a non-profit Montana corporation. 63 Summit Way, Gardiner, Montana 59030 - (406) 848-9200.
  • Click on the SUBMIT button below and you will be redirected to the secure PayPal gateway. Once there, you can enter your own credit or debit card.

  • Please click the SUBMIT button below. This will generate a notification to the BCTC of your intent to donate. Afterwards, you may safely close out of your computer even though you are redirected to the PayPal site.

    Send your payment to: BCTC Outreach, PO Box 276, Bozeman, MT 59771 (DO NOT send to the street address.) Optional: you may put your payment into the donation box at the TC, but it must clearly indicate: BCTC OUTREACH and at which level you are giving.) Thank you!

    For more information, email Andrew at vannandr@gmail.com.



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