An Open Letter to Our Community


In need of prayers for yourself or for a loved one?
Do you know of someone who could use a helping hand or a compassionate heart?
Have you had an urgent need but didn’t know where to turn? 

Please Ask! — We’re Here to Help!

Dear Community Members,

Isn’t it a a blessing to be part of community, a group of like-minded souls, working together for the Great White Brotherhood? When one of us falls on hard times, is ill, or is suffering in some way, it’s comforting to know that community is there for us. Have you ever been in a position where you needed help and community was not there for you? Did you feel isolated? Have you asked for help or informed others of your need?

For example, have you noticed that someone has not been around at the TC in a while? What did you do? Did you give that person a call or visit them? They’d probably appreciate the kindness. The TC has a community phone list that you can consult, if necessary. You can find a copy at the TC — or if you wish, you can call our Sunshine Angel instead.

Dedicated to being a listening ear, our Sunshine Angel is here for you. You can ask her about a person who hasn’t been around or you can tell the Sunshine Angel about your own situation. Perhaps, you know of someone who might enjoy a call or a visit. Or you want to share information about a community member who achieved a significant achievement, or you want to seek out information on community resources that are best for yourself or others. Our Sunshine Angel is Hildegard, a member of our St. Francis Helping Angels team, and she can be reached at 406-570-5612 or email her at

Have you ever been very ill yourself and had to stay home from services, but when you returned, no one even knew you had been sick? Not a good feeling, is it, to not be missed? Did you know that you can send a prayer request to our special Prayer Team so that this confidential team of community members can pray for you? Then, if you choose,  you can call the Sunshine Angel or even let a board member know of your infirmity or your need. You can contact the board at


At times all of us fall on misfortune and need help. But aren’t we a community of compassionate and pure hearts? Let’s be sure that we extend our hearts and our hands to our fellow community members who need temporary assistance. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 

Without all of us working together, the links in the chain of community, the antahkarana, become broken.

 motherHere is a comment from Mother on community:

“…My experience has taught me that the community is the most important thing in my life. Without The Summit Lighthouse on this planet, life here would not be worth living….Community challenges us to master the interaction of spiritual-material energies….Wherever the chelas are, the community exists, but unless the chelas and the guru are together in one place, there is not a duplicate of the Great Central Sun Magnet to hold the balance for the earth….Today I was contemplating the mystery of community, and I knew in my heart that along with Mother Mary’s teaching on the birth of the Manchild, the next important step was to form the cradle in which to place the Manchild.”
“Community: a journey to the heart of spiritual community” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Here is another thought to contemplate: needing help, and seeking it, does not mean we are spiritually lacking or are bad people. We are all balancing karma — personal, as well as planetary. “No man is an island.”  Thank God for community that helps to sustain us and helps to keep us on the path.

images Here is a quote from Mother Mary:

“I want you to feel better about yourself and who you are, knowing that some of that which you did bear you did so voluntarily in Christ’s name for your love of him, your love of me and your desire to bear some of the weight of planetary burden.”
Pearls of Wisdom, Vol 35.

So let’s be up and doing, serving our fellow community members, heart, head and hand. Here are some other ways in which to seek or provide help. There is a community bulletin board located in our TC kitchen. Are you aware that there are many members in our community who are professionals in the health or services industries? On the bulletin board, you can find community members’ professional flyers and business cards. 

Sometimes being present with fellow community members satisfies a need to talk with people who share our common values. Every week, around 12:30, after the Sunday service, we all partake of a light meal together. Such fellowship is so heartwarming and uplifting, providing a lifeline to community. It’s also a fun way to get to know each other on a more personal level.

The BCTC also has a confidential prayer team waiting for your requests. Here’s the Bozeman Prayer Team Request Form – Click Here!

If you know of someone who requires a caring heart or hand, did you know that you can contact the team that is dedicated to helping meet the physical needs of our community members in emergency situations? They are the St. Francis Helping Angels. For more information about the St. Francis Helping Angels and how they serve the seniors and the needy in our community – Click Here! You can contact them by email at

The St. Francis Helping Angels have even compiled for us a community resource list of helpful agencies in the Bozeman area. Below is the list* that they compiled

Click on the links below to access the webpages.

*You have to be a member of the BCTC website to view these documents. Sign Up! It’s Free!

And so back to our original questions. In need of prayers for yourself or for a loved one? Do you know of someone who could use a helping hand or a compassionate heart? Have you had an urgent need but didn’t know where to turn? 

Please Ask! — We’re Here to Help!

Thanks for Reading!
Linda C-R, Elisabeth S, Barbara S, and Lawrence R. 

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