Intangibles: Areas for Improvements SORTED

Intangibles: Areas for Improvement SORTED

M Increase networking to other communities
M Take advantage of the Montessori Community as a way to reach others
M We are not well known in the outer
N Understanding & meeting individuals’ needs/attunment to others (new & old members)
N Meet people where they are at
N Be in the flame of gratitude & living flame of love – not the flame of “lack; don’t nit pick
N Be grateful for the family that is our community
N Be the Christ you expect everyone else to be
N Be joyful & happy about what we are doing
N Fear dictating what we do or do not say & do
N Watch each other’s back
N Create community to be like living on staff
N More accepting of different ideas: compassion for others & where they are
N Need more consciousness in preparing a place for the Masters
N More graciousness @ events (i.e. for seating)
N Use of language that can create an us vs them (i.e. “new people”)
N Tendency to be fanantical (i.e. colors & diet)
N Fear of outreach; need to expand it
N Not very good at receiving new people
N We see decrees as being too much of an answer
N Lack of welcoming spirit & environment
N We need to be safe (safe to be needy & physically safe)
P Need practical things (i.e. lights in parking lot)
P Area for chelas
S Ways to include new people
S Network or committee for prayer work needed
S Find ways to get young people engaged & involved in leadership opportunities
S More investment by ministers; ways to compensate a minister
S Rides for seniors to center
S Not youth-centered or family focused
S Have no funnel for them (new people) to be guided in community
T Increase volunteers & outreach
T More social opportunities
T Church missionary work
T More KLF (Knights & Ladies of the Flame) events at center
T Have no youth program (except Mary’s Way); need a place they feel comfortable
T Mentor teens

M Marketing/Outreach
N Norms/Cultural
P Grounds/Physical Building
S Service to Others: – Families & Youth – Ministers – Work with others – Seniors
T Programs/Teams

(Continued) Thoughts on a Golden Age Community

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