Thoughts on the Golden Age Community

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Community thoughts on a Golden Age Community
Many of these thoughts are captured in the Tangible/Intangible

Respect for the forcefield
Sacredness in the Chapel
Common Sense in the other areas
Win-win solutions
Give feedback w/kindness
Food & fellowship
Be cheerful
Great people with a welcoming, loving heart
Being sensitive where people are at and the information
Don’t impose your path upon other people
Be aware of fanantical statement
Education vs rule-based
Letting the Path unfold naturally
Don’t try to tweak other’s spiritual path
Respect other people’s boundaries
Respect each other’s privacy
The servant is not greater than the Lord
Outreach to past members
Be inclusive
Clean up after yourself
Respect people’s choices
Be sensitive to people
We are happy receiving people who come back
Do not talk about people behind their back
If you have an issue with someone, address that person
Everybody has an opportunity to participate
Be sensitive and compassionate towards people no matter their age, meeting their needs
We reach out to our people we haven’t seen in awhile (we miss them)
We are ready to receive new people
We are expecting new people
Be safe – be kind
Invite people w/children to the Sunday program
Think of opportunities for youth in everything you do
Don’t give advice unless you asked
Listen to people
Practice becoming the Christ
Build conversation to know each other
If you want to make changes to altar, etc., put suggestion in box
Ideas and suggestion to change s.o. are welcome (suggestion box)
We provide services & activities for all ages and all stages
Think about the threefold flame in everything we do (expand the 3-fold flame)
Respet other people’s choices (diet)
Having a place for everyone to feel comfortable (Four Winds)
Men’s and Women’s groups
Altar definition
Making sure our communication is current and relevant

(Continued) Norms, Marketing, Programs, Services

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