Recap of the “Return to the Culture of the Divine Mother” Retreat

Comfort, Healing, and Wholeness in Bozeman, Montana
through the “Return to the Culture of the Divine Mother”

The Divine Mother called…and thirty-three Devotees of her Flame were present at the Bozeman Community Teaching Center Memorial Day weekend to receive her blessings.

“Return to the Culture of the Divine Mother: A Retreat in Her Immaculate Heart” was a magnificent three-day retreat presented by Rev. Carla Healy for Keepers of the Flame and friends of the ascended masters.

Through lectures, dictations, discussions, rituals, and community, we learned ways to awaken the culture of the Divine Mother within by exploring its outpicturing on Mu, the ancient Motherland, as well as how the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet brought forth that culture as saints and leaders through the ages.

In the words of attendees:
“This retreat was transforming and restorative to my soul, to my heart, to my inner walk with God. Thank you.”

“[There were] blessings abundant for all who attended and their families.”

“So much to learn, discover; so little time.”

“I felt a healing in my heart.”

“It was transformational for my entire Being and all my embodiments.”

“Happy to get to know people not in my immediate circle.”

“It was a beautiful seminar. Carla is a warm, loving presenter.”

“The place was great, so lovely decorated, managed and kept.”

Three things attendees said they liked most about the seminar:
• Rituals.
• Interactive sessions.
• Teachings on the science of the Sacred Heart and the history of Lemuria and the fall.
• Content/material I had not learned before.
• Enthusiasm and genuine love for the teachings by the presenter.
• Skits.
• The meals and loving service provided.
• Learning about Mary Magdalene.
• All lectures and dictations.
• Interactive working in groups.
• Sharing at meals.
• Letters written for specific purposes and burned.
• Images of Versailles.
• History of the fall, Eden, Lemuria with an approximate timeline.
• Spirit of our instructor.
• Wonderful forcefield prepared.
• The music and all the artwork.
• The beautiful environment—relaxed, accommodating.
• Opportunities to hear valuable teachings, interact, and feel part of a community.
• Meditative environment/immersion.

Additional comments:
“I am looking forward to Section II.”

“We should have similar weekend seminars in Bozeman more often. I loved attending, and this seminar has a lot of light and teaching to remind us of Mother and Mark’s teachings.

“I would like to have workshops more frequently to anchor the virtues of ourselves, the masters, and the Bozeman Teaching Center.”

“Thank you for a wonderful and enlightening workshop! I learned so much, and have really enjoyed it! Hope to do more of these in the future.”

“I strongly hope to continue the Bozeman Teaching Center mission to be the culture of the Divine Mother.”

“It was a great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Divine Mother LOVES ME!!”

Thank you to all who attended and to all the volunteers who made this experience possible.

With the overwhelming response, we are looking forward to a Summit University retreat possibly this fall and to Part II of “Return to the Culture of the Divine Mother” next spring (no prerequisite).

We hope to see you there!

Submitted by Barbara S. and Linda C-R

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