Wills and Legacy Documents

Have you prepared for a medical emergency or for your own transition? It’s not too soon to think about these eventualities, no matter your age. Do you want to leave your loved ones with no idea of what to do with your belongings…or your body, upon transition? These questions and more are addressed in the documents on this site.


TSL’s Community Ambassador, David Brewer, who works at Church Headquarters in the Stewarship and Legacy Departments, recommends the documents below. David says:

I often suggest that people use the sample will forms as worksheets. They can go through a sample will and fill in the blanks, write in their bequests or use a separate piece of paper. When they are happy with the information in the worksheet, then they (or someone else) can word process the final version.

There are several important forms. There is the “Designation of Agent” which is a legal power of attorney.

There is Bequest Language.

There is Body Care after Transition.

There is a Medical power of attorney. However, I seldom use this one. I tend to use the Five Wishes for medical power of attorney because it also establishes a Living Will.



Sample Will Forms:
WILL-Married No Children
WILL-Married with Children
WILL-Single No Children

Legal Power of Attorney:
POWER of Attorney-Legal-Successive Agents MT
POWER of Attorney Medical Montana

Body Care After Transition:
BODY Care After Transition-2 Witnesses

Five Wishes:
Sample Five Wishes Document
Purchase the Five Wishes document

For more information about how to complete your will and other legacy documents, contact David Brewer at: dbrewer@tsl.org