Making Payment Using PayPal


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1) After completing the online donation or registration form, click SUBMIT and you will automatically be directed to PayPal, a secured site.

2) Once on the PayPay site, choose “Pay with a debit or credit card .”  

3) Enter your credit card information under the tab that says DEBIT or CREDIT card. (Do NOT sign up for PayPal Credit.) 

Note: If you have a PayPal account, but choose to use our own debit or credit card instead for this transaction, be sure to use a “different” email address than the one normally used with PayPal.

4) Click “PAY(the yellow button at the bottom).

You will receive TWO confirmations:
– one from the Bozeman Community Teaching Center
– one from PayPal.
– If you do not receive the confirmation from PayPal, your payment did not go through.

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