Develop the Pure Heart 3 | Summit University Seminar

Summit University

The Path of the Bodhisattva


HOW TO PAY for the Seminar

paymn1-1Pay with your own credit/debit card on the PAYPAL (secured) site. If you’ve never used PayPal to use your own debit/credit card, see our step-by-step instructions.  Click here. (Note: you are not signing up for PayPal; you are merely allowing them “to process” your payment.) 

Payment by check is available until November 4, 2016, no later. (More details on the registration page.)

HOUSING during the Seminar

Unknown-1If housing is needed during the seminar, contact Clare, who may be able to help. Tell her what your needs are, a hotel, a private or shared room in a KOF home. She can be reached at


REGISTER for the Seminar (and your meals) 

imagesSpecial note: The pre-registration price saves you over 25% off the regular registration rate. By signing up for your meals at the time of registration, you help to assure that we have the budget to provide meals with the highest food options. (See Meal Options* above.) To register for the SU seminar, click the REGISTRATION button. 

If you have questions or need help registering online, email or call Linda at 406-404-1433.

It is best to register on your computer rather than on your cell phone or tablet. 



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