Prayer Requests (For Member Use Only!)


Bozeman Prayer Team

Do you have a burden?  — Are you needing help?
Would you like us to pray for a certain situation or condition?

If you are a known member of the Bozeman Community Teaching Center, and  have a prayer request for yourself or for friends and family, please submit the form below.

Members of the Bozeman Prayer Team have signed an agreement to keep your prayer request confidential. The Prayer Team holds all prayer requests as sacred and holy work, not to be discussed with anyone, not even the requester.

The Bozeman Prayer team will pray and decree for the situation and condition you send us for 30 days. If the situation or condition is not resolved you can renew the request for another 30 days and so on for as long as needed.

All we ask in return is your trust that we will call to God, the Masters and all of Heaven to intercede for the situation and condition you are requesting prayer work for. Also, it would be helpful giving us updates as time goes on.

We are here for you. Put us to work!

Not a member of our community? There is still help available for you. Please click here  for prayer assistance from “Pure Heart Church.” This prayer team would love the opportunity to pray for you. Thank you! 

Temporarily disabled.  Text Linda, Mary, or Rosalinda.