3-24 Poster Return to the Culture of the Divine Mother

Lemuria 3“O Cosmic Mother, set my heart afire! I Am thy child, thy concept pure.”

Of all the many faces of the Godhead, the Mother is the most personal, the most intimate. She peeks at us through the beauty of nature, through a child’s gaze of wonderment at the sun and moon and star, through the kindness of a friend’s heart. She touches our innermost beings with her playful tenderness and paints on the canvas of our souls a panorama of the highest hopes.

As the age of Aquarius dawns—an age of enlightenment, brotherhood and a new, all-pervading presence of the Holy Spirit—the blessed Divine Mother steps forth to teach us how to integrate the feminine aspect of God into our lives and world. In her own disciplined way, she shows us how to raise our sacred life force and, in the process, elevate a planet and her people.

“O Mother of the World, we are all children of thy immaculate heart…”

Return to the Culture of the Divine Mother is a retreat available in Bozeman for the first time! Why not give your soul the gift of this special three-day spiritual retreat? Find new wholeness and purpose as you embrace the Mother light. Participants of past retreats in Monterrey, Seattle, the Philippines, Australia, and Mexico witness to the fact that the Return to the Culture of the Divine Mother retreat is an experience that you will long remember…and cherish. We cordially invite you to join us.

Date: Friday, May 22nd to Sunday, May 24th, 2015
Time: Friday, 6pm-9pm, Saturday, 9am-9pm, Sunday, 9am-6pm
Registration Fee: $99 per person (before May 5, 2015), $129 thereafter.

Conference Program

Return to the Culture of the Divine Mother will feature seldom-heard yet profound lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, interactive workshops, and group discussions. It also includes teachings and mantras to assist you in the clearing of the records of your ancient Lemurian karma.

702982_043The culture of the Divine Mother flourished in that long forgotten time…a time of unsurpassed beauty, peace, love, harmony, spirituality and technological achievement. We are destined to return to the Mother Culture in this age, and we are meant to embody her qualities. This retreat moves us one step closer to that goal.

Participants will have the opportunity to experience the profound presence and wisdom of the Ascended Masters in the playing of their dictations given through their Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Attendees are invited to bring statues of the Divine Mother to the retreat to be displayed for the two and half days, and a special devotional ritual to the Divine Mother will occur on Sunday. Retreat participants are asked to please wear white. 

At this retreat, you will:

  • Discover the reasons for the rise and fall of the golden age culture of the Divine Mother on Lemuria
  • Practice intoning the sacred Word to restore this culture
  • Commune with and pay homage to the Divine Mother in song, chant, prayer and meditation
  • Give the rosary in adoration of the Mother flame
  • Receive healing and a clearance from personal burdens

Revised Divine MotherBe ready for an inspirational retreat packed with practical knowledge to help free you to be the beautiful, powerful, peaceful and loving person you were created to be. You will make new friends with seekers and friends of the Ascended Masters, or renew old friendships with those who have similar spiritual goals as yours. Just bring your inquiring mind, a smile from your heart, and your desire for spiritual advancement.

We hope to see you at the retreat!


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