Seminar Presenters

neroli2 Rev. Neroli Duffy is a former medical doctor, originally from Australia. Neroli’s medical interests moved from physical healing to ministry and the healing of the soul. She now conducts Summit University® workshops around the world.

Neroli has authored several books on spirituality including Wanting to be Born—the Cry of the Soul and Wanting to Live—Overcoming the Seduction of Suicide. She is also a cancer survivor and author of Journey through Cancer—A Guide to Integrating Complementary and Spiritual Healing with Conventional Treatment. She is a volunteer mediator in Bozeman, Montana.


Rev. Peter Duffy has been studying the teachings of the Ascended Masters since 1979. He has been an instructor at Summit University® since 1996 and has conducted seminars in Europe, North and South America, Australia and Africa.

Peter has long been interested in applying spiritual principles to the larger problems of government, the economy and society. In addition to his work for Summit University®, he serves as a mediator specialising in family mediation.

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