** Multiply and MAXIMIZE

Saint Germain_TSL

Want to increase your ability to make a difference in this world? Here’s an important excerpt from our beloved Hierarchs of the Fire Element, Oromosis and Diana. (July 7, 1991)

How we can best help our planet…and ourselves.

… Yes, beloved, let the violet flame multiply! And it will multiply if you spin those tape recordings of the violet flame and even join in now and then as you play them in your homes and cars. It is well to decree much of the time, but if you cannot, use the amplification systems of the technology of Saint Germain to amplify that sound.

… play them, beloved, and keep them with you. And do not think of decreeing those decrees that are on those tapes without those tapes, because [the number of voices recorded establishes] the multiplication factor of the power of each decree on every tape. And therefore, all of the original voices who recorded [that decree] and all who around the planet are giving it are multiplying [your effort] as [all together you become] one [Mystical Light Body of God]. And therefore see how the multiplication will continue [by the power of your Oneness in God and the unison you achieve in using the decree-and-song tapes]. You must, therefore, in view of the fewer numbers [decreeing on planet earth] than we would like, use your minds, use your ingenuity and make these tapes count for an entire planetary body of sound!

The Earth in Violet Fire

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