** Violet Flame Dispensations

Below is the current mathematical formulas used to determine the number of hours of Violet Flame given during our Monday night Violet Flame Vigils.

Dispensations’ Multiplication Factors

Omri Tas 10/7/94
Intensify, multiply, to square the quantity of Violet Flame invoked.

Omri Tas 7/7/84
Fifteen minutes of Violet Flame multiplied ten times.

Ra Mu 4/12/97
Match the Violet Flame decrees by the power of ten.

Saint Germain 7/4/93
Multiply the decrees many times over by the power of 10 squared.

Lord Maitreya 7/1/61
Every decree uttered shall be increased by the power of the 10,000 times 10,000.

There are other dispensations that have not been given a numerical value, for example:

Omri-Tas 10/11/92
Violet Flame decrees multiplied by the power of the Violet Planet itself.

Saint Germain 5/30/87
Multiply the decrees to the Violet Flame by a figure beyond telling.

Other dispensations that are non-numerical are listed in Insert 70.22.


The dispensations that we are able to calculate mathematically result in the following formula used each Monday night:




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