Saint Germain Service for KOF’s

Keepers of the Flame® Fraternity is a non-denominational spiritual fraternity for men and women in the tradition of ancient spiritual orders. For more information, click here.


Saint Germain Service for Keepers of the Flame®!
Live or Broadcast from Bozeman

This is a decree service, dedicated to Saint Germain, our Knight Commander, the God of Freedom, and the hierarch of the Aquarian Age. The Saint Germain service is one of our most important decree services given weekly. The decrees and songs given during this weekly vigil are for bringing the earth into a golden age of freedom, for peace, for enlightenment, for the protection of Lightbearers around the world and for the protection of freedom in every nation.

Keepers of the Flame are requested to keep the flame every Saturday night without fail, putting aside other preferences and considerations. Not only does this service help to protect the Lightbearers on our planet, it also helps us to balance (payback) 51 percent of our own personal karma and to unwind the threads of our own difficult psychology.

O precious ones, there must be a return to cosmic honor! There must be diligence; there must be expansion; and there must be support of our cause. I ask you to take my fervent call and my heart’s love to yourself, to make it your own, and to give those decrees. I ask you, one and all, to consecrate your evening worship on Saturday to the flame of freedom. I ask you to let nothing keep you from that service. ~ Saint Germain~

Come and join us every Saturday night as we rally together for intensifying the light on our planet!

For more information on this service, see: Beloved El Morya, January 2, 1994; Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 37, no. 1. Available on CD on Demand.

Video: Saint Germain and the Aquarian Age presented by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Video: Saint Germain’s Violet Flame Decree given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.