Slower Pace Saint Germain Service

Saturday Night ServiceFor Keepers of the Flame and Friends!
Slow Pace Saint Germain Service
Broadcast Live and Free from our BCTC Chapel
5:00pm – 6:00pm

Beloved Saint Germain

This service, which includes teachings and lots of songs, is just right for Keepers of the Flame® wanting to give their decrees for local and world situations at a slower, more devotional pace.

This service is also appropriate for your friends and relatives who are already somewhat familiar with the Teachings of the Ascended Masters®.

You do not have to be a subscriber to the TSL Broadcast Site. The live broadcast of this service is free for Keepers of the Flame with their member login at  (If you are a subscriber, you may access the broadcast the usual way).

  1. Log-in using your KOF Member ID.
  2. Click the BROADCAST link.
  3. Scroll down to “More Free KOF Broadcasts”.
  4. Paste the link in your media player.

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