Saturday Morning Service
Violet Flame Vigil – For Keepers of the Flame!
Broadcast Live from our Amethyst Chapel
8:00pm – 10:00pm

Saturday Night Service
Moderate Pace Saint Germain Service – For Keepers of the Flame and Friends!
Broadcast Live from our Amethyst Chapel
5:00pm – 6:00pm


Join us, won’t you? No broadcast subscription required. It’s free!

For Broadcast Subscribers:
1. Go to http://summitlighthouse.org
2. Click on the Member Area
3. Log-in using your KOF Member ID
4. Click the Broadcast tab, then Live Broadcast

For Non-Broadcast Subscribers or TSL Members:
5. Violet Flame Vigil on Saturdays and Moderate Pace Saint Germain Service:

You May Join Either Service Below:

Beloved Saint Germain

Join us for a free, decree service dedicated to our beloved Saint Germain every Saturday from Bozeman, Montana. The Violet Flame Vigil is geared for members of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity.

The Moderate Pace Saint Germain Service is perfect for Keepers of the Flame on lessons 1 – 7, for our youth, and for those who prefer to decree more slowly.

  • Decree for one hour with people all over the world.
  • Uplift and bless your home, family, and your neighborhood.
  • Be a focus of light for your city and nation.
  • Sing joyful songs unto the Lord.
  • Give powerful protection decrees at a slower devotional pace.
  • Transmute karma with 15 minutes of violet flame.
  • Learn from inspiring excerpts of teachings from the ascended masters


Mark from Austin, TX – I wanted to let you know we had 8 people here [on the broadcast] at the introductory service on Saturday… I thought the service was great in every way…Two of the folks here were teenagers. They are comfortable decreeing faster too but I believe we finally have something available for young people to build on…I really feel what you all are doing is going to catch on in more ways than one. I can only imagine how much more quickly I would have made progress on this path years ago if something like this would have existed. But better late than never and I believe many will benefit going forward.

GB from Bozeman, MT – I just wanted to let you know that 2 young adults showed up at the [Moderate] Pace Saint Germain Service tonight. One said that he googled the information and found it on the Bozeman TC website.

Mary from Emigrant, MT – We try to patch in weekly. My daughter is 13 and really enjoys the service, and pays close attention to the comments and short teachings. She always says, “Boy, that goes by fast, doesn’t it?” Yes…time flies when you’re having fun.

Linda from Bozeman, MT – Yesterday, I was able to tune into the Service. As usual, very sweet, especially the teachings. 🙂 I really just LOVE this service.

Laura from North Glastonbury, MT – I wanted to let someone know what a great job the Bozeman TC is doing with the new 1 hour, [moderate] paced Saint Germain service at 5 pm–and that their efforts are greatly appreciated. My daughter and I participate via the Internet, and last weekend’s service (our second) was very nice and the teachings and instructions are great. Please thank all involved!

Rosalinda from Phoenix, AZ – We are so grateful for this devotional Saint Germain service. We are advertising it on Meet-up and we have had a few people come [as a result].

James from Point Roberts, WA – I really benefit from the slower Saint Germain service. I can visualize the Violet Flame much better working to heal me and all on planet earth. I get the time to listen to the words as I say them and do not feel rushed. It is more like a meditation….Thank you for providing this opportunity.


To access the link for the Slower Pace Saint Germain Service, please follow the directions above. It’s free!