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What is An Ascended Master?

Ascended Masters

An ascended master is an enlightened spiritual being, a spiritual being who once lived on earth, fulfilled a special spiritual purpose and then ascended and reunited with God in the ritual of the ascension. The ascended masters are teachers of mankind. They help to direct the… Continue Reading

You and Your Divine Self

Upper Figure – The Individualized Presence of God, the I AM That I AM; Middle Figure – Holy Christ Self, the Higher Self, Guardian Angel; Lower Figure – The Mortal Self on the Spiritual Path towards Immortality. The charts on this page represent the triune nature of…Continue Reading

Violet Flame and the Aquarian Age

The Violet Flame is the spiritual flame of the Holy Spirit that can be used for the transmutation of lower vibratory patterns. It is like a cosmic eraser that erases the effects, the memory, and the cause of sin in our lives. Sin is known in the East…Continue Reading

Got Violet Flame? Take Our Challenge

A ray of sunlight passing through a prism is refracted into the seven colors of the rainbow. The same is true of a ray of spiritual light. When spiritual light is refracted, it manifests as seven rays, each with a specific color. The violet ray is the seventh of these rays, the ray of the Holy Spirit…Continue Reading

Chakras, Crystals and Rays

Chakras are spiritual energy points in the body, the points whereby the energies of God are released to supply the body and mind with immaterial energy that is needed to perform on a daily basis. The word, chakra, comes from the Sanskrit word for wheel or turning. And the chakras are…Continue Reading


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