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Understanding Yourself – Part 3
with Kuthumi, Lord Lanto and God Meru

A Profound Course on the Science and Practice of Soul Evolution


Kuthumi DearAre you looking for a personal transformative experience, but don’t have time for an online course? You won’t want to miss the upcoming Summit University® seminar, sponsored by the Bozeman Community Teaching Center.

The events of this affordable weekend give you an opportunity to spend quality time with yourself  —  and with God, and to explore the next step on your spiritual path.

When: Friday, November 13, 2015 at 6:00pm to Sunday, November 15 at 6:00pm. (Seminar also includes the Saturday night Saint Germain service.)

Where:  Bozeman Community Teaching Center, 2308 Durston Road, Bozeman, 59718, 406-586-8991

Lord Lanto“Understanding Yourself” Part 3, the final seminar in a three-part series, takes you to the next level of understanding your human psychology.  (Parts 1 and 2 are not pre-requisites for one to gain the benefits of the teachings or to achieve personal growth.) Based on one of the chapters in the book, Understanding Yourself—Opening the Door to the Superconscious Mind, Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives a detailed list of the traits of the human ego and how to recognize and overcome each one.

The seminar culminates in a powerful release of the power of joy, as a victorious conclusion to this profound series of discoveries on the path of knowing oneself—and knowing oneself as God.

“Consciousness, when functioning properly, is a glowing orb of reality, joy, and full illumination.  The individual reaching-out from the seemingly separated center of being to contact the cosmic center of life and thence the periphery of all reality is accomplished as easily as the miracle of the radiant, expanding mind of God penetrates the universe with light.”  —God Meru

Lake Titicaca in the Andes Mountains, home of the God Meru

Seminar Topics include:

  • How to attain oneness with the perfection of the Christ Self (your Real Self) that is already in you
  • The antidote to overcoming your human imperfections
  • What is “soul energy” and how to increase it
  • How you can release tied-up energy in the subconscious mind
  • The traits of the ego and the positive affirmations you can give to counteract them
  • How to invoke more joy in your life

Dictations: Paul the Venetian, Vairochana, and Jesus Christ (audio or video replays)

Other Seminar Features: This seminar includes a unique purification ritual called a Clearance, and concludes with a Chakra Blessing.

Level: Intermediate. Open to all friends of the Ascended Masters, 15 years old and older

Advanced UY Cover Final (Printer)(5-15).inddNote: Attending “Understanding Yourself” Parts 1 and 2 is not a prerequisite for benefiting from Part 3.

Recommended text* 
Prophet, Elizabeth Clare, Advanced Studies in Understanding Yourself (Summit University Press, 2015 edition) – Commentaries edition available here

*Used extensively in this seminar

Information about our Presenters: click here.

Seminar Cost

• $120.00 – Registration after November 4
• $96.00 – Registration for full-time students/seniors (65+) after November 4

Rates and discounts are set by Summit University®.  Cancellation fee is $50.00 to cover administrative costs.

If you are willing to financially sponsor one or more attendees for this seminar, please call Barbara at 406-587-3774 or click on the first register button and complete the top personal information and the information where it says “Scholarship Fund.”

Food Add-On Options*
$15.00 – Saturday Lunch: Jeffrey’s Special Indian Chicken, Cardamon Rice Pudding
$12.00 – Saturday Dinner: Mexican Buffet and Mango Smoothies
$15.00 – Sunday Lunch: Grilled Wild Salmon, Baby Red Potatoes, Vegetables, Mixed Green Salad, Dessert
• $12.00 – Sunday Dinner: Burgers (Grass fed Beef – Turkey – Salmon), Asian Wraps, Turkey Hotdogs, Caesar Salad, Dessert

*We reserve the right to make changes to these meal options based upon availability of menu items. Organic foods, grass-fed meats, wild salmon, and non-GMO options for meals are determined by budget. The more people who purchase meals “ahead of time,” the better odds for being able to provide these options. 

Housing and Hotel Options: Please contact Steven at 512-364-2939

Seminar Information: Contact Barbara at 406-587-3774

Online Registration Questions or Problems: Contact Linda at 406-404-1433

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Special note: By signing up for your meals at the time of registration,  you help to assure that we have the budget to provide meals with the highest food options. The more people who purchase meals “ahead of time,” the better odds for being able to do this. 

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