Annual Garage Sale – July 28 and July 29

Annual Garage Sale – July 28 and July 29

Saint Francis Helping Angels Garage Sale

The Saint Francis Helping Angels is a Bozeman Community Teaching Center organization dedicated to helping the seniors and needy in our community with medical situations, emergency situations, and referrals to community resources.

For the last two years, it has had a garage sale to fundraise. This year, the sale will be conducted on Saturday, July 28 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and Sunday, July 29 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm in the parking lot of the teaching center.

To Donate Items

The Angels are looking for quality items to sell to the public. Items such as furniture, pictures, crafts, technology, decorations, art supplies, appliances, etc. are welcome. Please do not donate church items.

To donate, please call Lawrence at 406-600-6821. Do not drop things off at the Teaching Center. Please talk to Lawrence to find out where and when to donate.

To Offer Your Help

To prepare for an event of this nature, help is very much welcome. The Angels need help the week of the sale to set up. This takes four-five days to organize. If you have some time during the day to help with sorting, pricing or displaying, please call Lawrence or email him at

The Angels have four storage units full of items for the sale in Belgrade. They will be bringing those items to the teaching center on Saturday, the 21st and Sunday, the 22nd. They need help to load and unload a 26-foot truck multiple times. If you can help them, please call Lawrence.

Also needed are people to help during the sale. This garage sale is huge, with many, many items. It takes a lot of people to assist. If you can spare a few hours on either or both days, please call or email Lawrence.


Items for Sale

This year, just like last year, there are lots and lots of items for sale. There is furniture, such as dinette sets, lounge chairs, desks, bureaus, etc. There are also lamps, crafts, framed pictures and paintings, lawnmower, bicycles, appliances, dishes, jewelry. The Angels don’t even know all the things we have. Some of the angels went to Salt Lake City again to pick up items from a 9,000 square foot home that is being put on the market. The owner generously donated boxes and boxes of items.

The Angels will see what surprises are in those boxes when they organize. If you come help out the week before the sale, you might even have first option of finding your ‘special treasure’. Please call (or text) Lawrence so you can schedule a time.

You Are Invited

The St. Francis Helping Angels invite you to their sale. Who knows? You might see a special treasure that you’ve always wanted at the sale…at a really good price.