Summer Conference at the TC

Summer Freedom Conference at the TC

Join us at the Bozeman Community Teaching Center as we stream The Summit Lighthouse® Summer Freedom Conference
June 28 – July 4, 2019

Draw closer to the Ascended Masters, rekindle your love for your I AM Presence, join us as we multiply our decrees and give them as an offering from our heart to the Ascended Masters.

See the TC Conference Schedule Below

  • Help build a spiral of light to counter the many challenges the youth of the world are facing today.
  • Partake in the divine exchange of fiery dictations from Mighty Victory, Omri-Tas, Zarathustra, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Lord Maitreya, Great Divine Director, Saint Germain, Godfre and Beloved Helios.
  • Cut free the lightbearers and hold the balance for the planet through decrees, song, affirmations, and fiats.
  • Magnetize back lost soul fragments with the Ritual of Soul Retrieval. This sacred and loved ritual of meditation, decrees, and song helps us to reclaim lost parts of ourselves as in this life or in past lives we have gone through traumatic experiences that have fragmented our soul.
  • Join the Fourth of July rally with violet flame, patriotic songs and an in-depth presentation on the challenges our youth faces today.
  • Watch the Parade of the Nations.

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