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The Secret of the Violet Flame

Violet Fire
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A ray of sunlight passing through a prism is refracted into the seven colors of the rainbow. The same is true of a ray of spiritual light. When spiritual light is refracted, it manifests as seven rays, each with a specific color. The violet ray is the seventh of these rays, the ray of the Holy Spirit.

Those who have developed their spiritual vision are actually able to see this ray of violet light, but it was not until the twentieth century that this once-secret knowledge was revealed by the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, Saint Germain. And now it is available to the masses thanks to this beloved master.

To learn more about the secrets behind the violet flame, the Aquarian Age, and Saint Germain, the fascinating “Wonderman of Europe”
, click the picture “More About the Secret of the Violet Flame.”

What Can the Violet Flame Do For Me?

Girl Meditating

The violet flame is a high frequency spiritual energy that cleans up and transmutes your negative karma and works wonders healing body, mind and soul! It causes your electrons to spin at a higher vibratory rate, and can be invoked to perform its miracles by prayer.

This action of transformation is an especially important action as it acts like a cosmic eraser, erasing, removing or mitigating the causes of any illness and of world situations.  As the cosmic eraser, it can erase the effects, the memory, and the cause of karma in your life.

You can invoke the violet flame by the giving of decrees. Decrees are a type of prayer action that are spoken at a fast pace, and given by those who study the Teachings of the Ascended Masters®. No problem is too insignificant or too big for you to tackle through this kind of prayer action with the violet flame.

The Violet Flame Consumer!

The violet flame is a consuming flame, consuming all that is put into it for transmutation to a higher frequency. Watch the video below for a visual of how it works.

Imagine what you can put into the flame, the violet consuming flame. 🙂
Take our Violet Flame Challenge and experience how it works.

C’mon! Take the Violet Flame Challenge!

Try your own experiment with the violet flame.

15-minutes a day is all it takes. Use these simple, yet profound, techniques, to heal body, mind, and soul. To transform your world, all you have to do is give a violet flame prayer for a mere 15-minutes a day for 30 days.

Earth in Violet Flame
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What People Are Saying About the 30-Day Violet Flame Challenge!

“Since I was scientifically oriented, this challenge to experiment with the violet flame was just what I needed…. To my amazement, old habits just melted away with no effort. Without the violet flame, I am sure that quitting those habits would have been a major struggle.”

“I have since found again and again that Saint Germain and all of heaven truly do await our petitions and prayers and calls, and that they are always answered according to God’s will and wisdom if we will just ask and accept it made manifest. Try it!”

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