Tips to Overcoming the Seduction of Suicide and What You Can Do to Help

The Bozeman Teaching Center welcomed author and minister Neroli Duffy. Reverend Duffy  is the co-author of “Wanting to Live: Overcoming the Seduction of Suicide. On Friday, August 22, 2014, Reverend Duffy addressed the recent suicide of actor and comedian, Robin Williams, and shared valuable information about what could have prevented this unfortunate and untimely self-inflicted death.

Reverend Duffy shared that her book has saved the lives of at least nine people that she knows of, and offered three reasons why people need to stop and re-think the taking of their own lives.

  • You’re important to the people around you.
  • You have a divine plan that will be thwarted if you take your life.
  • You have angels around you who can help you through your trauma.

In this unique and inspiring book a minister and former medical doctor along with a clinical psychologist part the veil for a startling look beyond the physical world into a realm we don’t usually see: malignant spirits coaxing depressed but beautiful people into suicide; a bleak, painful existence in a dark, frightening level of consciousness; and lost souls immediately coming back into a new lifetime to face the same test all over again.

Most important Wanting to Live offers powerful, life-changing partnerships with heavenly rescuers, practical tools and priceless insights for suicidal people and their loved ones to allow light to transform a dark world.

Hope in a life of hopelessness — this book will save many lives.

Reverend Duffy expands upon each of the three reasons why people need to stop and re-think the taking of their own lives with examples and anecdotes. Her book also includes information about the near-death experiences of those who attempted suicide and came back from their near-death to speak of their experience. Hint: It’s not the live-forever-in-peace that suicide attempters think it will be.

If you find yourself talking to someone who is depressed and suicidal, here are three questions to ask that person:

  1. Do you have suicidal thoughts?
  2. Do you have a plan?
  3. Do you know when you’re going to do it?

If the person in question has an answer to questions two and/or three, it is imperative to get them help immediately. In the Bozeman area, call the Help Center at (406) 586-3333 or call the Hope House at (406) 585-1130

For more information and important tips on helping those under the influence of suicidal thoughts, please purchase Reverend Duffy’s book here from Amazon or here from The Summit Lighthouse.