Bozeman Teaching Center | Parent and Teaching Training

Mary’s Way: Spiritual Education for the Aquarian Age
Anchoring the Teachings in the Hearts of Our Children


Parent and Teacher Training #1:
June 30- July 3 at the Inner Retreat,
daily 8:15 – 9:45 a.m.,
West Fellowship Room, King Arthur’s Court

Parent and Teacher Training #2:
July 11-15,
Bozeman Teaching Center

This year the Mary’s Way Teacher Preparation Course will start at the Inner Retreat during the July Conference with special morning sessions June 30th, July 1st, 2nd and 3rd from 8:15 – 9:50 a.m. before the Conference Workshops begin. These sessions will be conducted by a trained Montessori teacher and include videos of lesson presentations given at previous Courses. They will be especially valuable for anyone who has not attended before and will also be a wonderful review for those who have. The teaching sessions are available for conference attendees at no extra charge and will be held in the West Fellowship Room of King Arthur’s Court.

The remainder of this year’s Course will begin directly following Summit University on Friday, July 11th and go for 4 ½ days through Tuesday, July 15th. Many new lessons have been developed this year, mostly for the Elementary ages.

The July 11-15 course will be held at the lovely Bozeman Community Teaching Center. Local Keepers of the Flame are ready to welcome you in the flame of the Divine Mother, offering housing, transportation and any help you may need. A wholesome, delicious lunch will be served each day.

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Parents and teachers are welcome, and all who will teach the children at home and in your centers. Experience your personal transformation as devotion and love of God expands! Hear what one parent says:

“My 6 year old, with bright eyes, looked up and proclaimed to me after doing the Good Shepherd lesson in her room: “Mommy, I want to do the Good Shepherd every day!”

All of the Mary’s Way team look forward to seeing you at the July Conference (display is in the West Fellowship room of King Arthur’s Court) and to welcome you to the Bozeman Teaching Center. We hope to be see you soon!

For more about the Mary’s Way Program at the Bozeman Teaching Center, click here.