Your Personal Invitation from Reverend Carla Healy

Divine Mother Retreat_BCTC

Dear Hearts of the Divine Mother,

Did you ever wonder why the Golden Age culture of the Mother on Lemuria fell?

Could we be facing similar challenges as we transition into the Age of Aquarius…destined to be an age of the Holy Spirit and the Mother?

Do you think knowing the answers to these questions would help you in your day-to-day life and help you to fulfill your mission?

If the answer is YES, the Return to the Culture of the Divine Mother Retreat is perfect for you as you will enter into the heart of the Divine Mother at this retreat, and into her culture of practical wisdom and nourishing love.

We live in a time when the Light of the Mother is rising. As it rises it brings out the best and worst in all of us and the world. Our challenge is to merge with this light and ride the fountain of light to the crown of our being and into the heart.

Our test is to understand the divine polarity and cosmic dance of Alpha and Omega. Our test is to become the Divine Mother whether in male or female form, for Mother is always the Shakti of the Father which is in Spirit.

Since we are living in this mater plane we are all Shakti. We are the matter cup into which the Light of Spirit is poured. That Light is what sustains our well-being, our community and our civilization.

At this retreat you will:

    • Learn what tactics the fallen angels used to cause the fall of Lemuria and that are still being used today. (You think we would have figured them out by now and been immune to them. Sadly that is not the case.)
    • Discover the power of the divine polarity with Spirit and between husband and wife.
    • Participate in a candlelight procession of priests and priestess of Lemuria robed in white for the restoration of the mother light. (Remember to dress in white on Saturday.)
    • Experience the profound love of the Mother for you personally.
    • See how the Messengers have brought forth the culture of the Mother throughout recorded history.
    • Learn practical ways to ensure the victory of the Divine Mother’s flame in you personally and in the world.

Please be there May 22-24 at the Bozeman Community Teaching Center. Sunday is Pentecost, and we have a one-day rate so if you can’t make the whole retreat, you can come for the day or any other day. We want everyone who desires to be there to have the opportunity to experience the flame of the Divine Mother.

Call Barbara at 406-587-3734 if you have questions or are in need of financial assistance. We also have student rates. You can register online at .

In the white flame of the Mother,

Rev. Carla Healy, Regional Minister

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